Surveying  Projects:

  • Highway projects –  design phase surveys and construction staking
  • City streets & rural roads – design surveys and construction staking
  • Renewable energy & wind farms – boundary & topographic surveys and

           construction staking

  • Airport construction projects – design phase services and construction


  • Subdivisions – platted and staked over 100 subdivisions which included

           boundary surveys, lot staking, site mapping, and construction staking

  • Cross-country pipelines – preliminary surveys & construction staking
  • Transmission lines – preliminary surveys & construction staking
  • Energy – mining, gas, and petroleum construction staking for large plant developments and reclamation projects

Inberg-Miller Engineers was originally founded as a surveying company (Inberg Surveying Company, Inc.) in 1971. Our capabilities quickly expanded to include engineering services, but surveying has always been one of the main strengths of our company. In addition to projects which are entirely surveying, almost every engineering project requires surveying services during the design and construction phases. We also have several Certified Federal Surveyors on staff (CFedS).

Surveying Services:

  • Cadastral surveys to establish section lines and subdivide sections
  • Boundary retracement surveys to establish property lines and rights-of-way
  • Wind farm topographic surveys & construction staking
  • Subdivision design and staking
  • Mapping site topography and existing features
  • Control point surveys to establish survey control points for project development and aerial surveys
  • Cross-country pipeline and power transmission centerline surveys
  • Road cross sections for road design
  • River and flood plain cross sections for hydraulic analysis
  • Construction staking to establish the horizontal and vertical locations of pipelines, structures, and grading
  • As-built surveys
  • Surveys to measure quantities and earthwork volumes
  • Ground support for airborne LIDAR
  • Drafting Services