Inberg-Miller Engineers has performed construction materials testing services for numerous industrial, commercial, and public projects. We maintain soil and materials laboratories at nearly all office locations and each of our facilities is staffed and equipped to provide complete geotechnical and construction materials testing services. State-of-the-art laboratory testing equipment is available to evaluate properties of asphaltic concrete, Portland cement concrete, masonry, and soil.

Types of Testing We Perform:

  • Asphalt, concrete, and aggregate
  • Nuclear density testing
  • Direct shear testing
  • Permeability testing: falling head and consistent head
  • Consolidation-swell testing
  • In-situ soil, aggregate, & asphalt density
  • Moisture density relationships
  • Unconfined compressive strength testing for soil, rock, & concrete
  • Hydrometer
  • Sulphate
  • California beating ratio (CBR)
  • L.A. abrasion
  • Specific gravity
  • Sand equivilant
  • Asphalt marshall
  • And a vast array of other soil, rock, or construction materials testing services

Each of our offices offers full service geotechnical and materials testing laboratories. We are AASHTO, AMRL, and CCRL certified and are active members of GBA. Additionally, our engineering technicians participate in WYDOT and ACI training and are proficient at asphalt, aggregate, and concrete testing. Additionally, we offer direct shear testing, direct push, power probe, geoprobe, permeability testing, consolidation-swell testing, and are capable of most soil, rock, or construction materials testing you may need. We also offer a mobile laboratory for on-site testing.