Water Supply & Storage Projects

  • Town of Cowley water transmission replacement project
  • Wyoming Indian School water system & 1.5-million gallon water storage tank
  • Yarnell water system improvement project
  • Bensch Ranch subdivision
  • Indian Springs water storage tank
  • Frannie water & sanitary sewer replacement
  • Hagen Glades subdivision
  • Riverton water treatment plant & 2-million gallon water storage tank
  • Riverton distribution improvement
  • South Laramie water – 2 storage tanks
  • Waterline replacement – Casper
  • Elevated water storage tank – Laramie
  • Wheatland 1-million water storage tank
  • Central Wyoming Regional Water System
  • Casper 1.5-million gallon water storage tank
  • Superior Phase II water system improvements
  • Beaver Creek water storage tank foundation & sewage lagoon
  • Douglas 3-million water storage tank

Additional Reservoirs & Dam Projects:

  • Little Snake River Basin – Small Reservoir Enlargement
  • Wheatland Diversion Dam & Tunnel Headgate Rehabilitation
  • Jackpot Sedimentation Dam & Reservoir
  • Pierce Reservoir
  • Sinnard Reservoir Rehabilitation & Hawk Springs Reservoir
  • Sand Lake/Canon Canal – Rehabilitation Level II & III
  • Sand Gulch Reservoir Enlargement
  • Powder River Basin Dams
  • Talking Rock Reservoir
  • Copper Basin reservoir
  • NRCS – Small Reservoirs & Dams

Our scope of services includes the following: initial site investigations, surveying to generate a topographic map of each site, surveying cross sections of the rivers and canals for use in hydraulic analysis, conducting a subsurface exploration and preparing a geotechnical report,  hydrologic and hydraulic evaluation of the structures, designing the structures, structural analysis for each structure, preparation of construction plans and specifications, attending project meetings including a prebid meeting, preparing cost estimates, preparing a bid schedule, and contract administration.

Hog Park- Rob Roy Dams

Inberg-Miller Engineers completed a five year project with the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities to monitor the performance and stability of two major earth fill dams.  These dams included Hog Park, a 120-foot-high earth dam located 26 miles south of Encampment, and Rob Roy, a 140-foot-high earth dam located 50 miles west of Laramie. Our tasks included collection and review of data from piezometers, movement monuments, inclinometers, drain outflows, embankment stability analyses, and visual inspections.  During this period, a

Tribal Irrigation Rehabilitation

This project entails the construction of seven repairs and/or replacements for irrigation structures located on the Wind River Reservation in Fremont County, Wyoming. The diversion structures include fish ladders and fish screens.

number of piezometers were equipped with continuous pressure transducers and drains were equipped with flow meters. This instrumentation was connected into the dam’s information and control system and was available in real time to the engineers in Cheyenne.  Annual reports were published describing the performance of the embankments and included conclusions regarding the stability of the embankments and recommendations for improved instrumentation and safety monitoring.